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The simplest way to start accepting Card payments

Accept card payments without the hassle of a payment device, Website or complicated app. Simply create your pay code in seconds and take payment immediately



Simple. Easy. Quick.

Why go through the hassle of buying and setting up a payment device? These days your customers are walking around with an incredibly powerful payment device in their pocket. You just need to be able to access it and PAYDIT makes that easy!  
By allowing you to create your own Payment QR codes, we take the hassle out of accepting card payments and allow you to empower your customers to pay anytime, anywhere, anyway. 


What is Paydit?

PAYDIT is a payment platform on a mission to change the way payments are done forever. We help small businesses, sole trader, sports clubs and charities navigate the complexities of the digital payments space and make it easy for them to receive and process payments.  
Our mission is to simplify payments for sole traders, SMEs, charities, and sports clubs. We want to revolutionise the world of payments by giving more power to the individual business. 


How it works

Sign up

Simply sign up online to begin creating your account.


Once your account is created, we allow you to generate your very own PAYDIT weblinks and QR code that your customers can use to make digital payments using their mobile device.  

Take payment

Once they scan the QR code, or open the weblink, your customer is given the freedom to choose the most convenient way for them to pay - be it Apple Pay, Google Pay or by Card, with even more payment methods coming soon! 

You send a link or show a QR code, your customer pays, you get paid... it really is that simple!


Simple, fair pricing

With Paydit, you don't pay any fixed or recurring costs. You just pay a small fee when accepting a transaction. 



1.49% + 0.20p


We're excited to partner with Paydit to help our fundraising efforts. We operate in some challenging locations and Paydit solves a real problem for us and those who want to support us. Set up was simple and effective and we are already seeing some exciting results. - RSPB

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